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Zhejiang Zheli New Material Co., Ltd was established on March 9, 2016, authorized by the State TrademarkOffice as "CN-ZHELI". The official date of the brand is June 28, 2016. The company is China Vortex Water Pump manufacturers and wholesale QB60 Water Pump factory. Development direction: develop a whole series of "zhe-li"image products, develop and form "zhe-li"brand, strive to do a good job in household pumps and industrial irrigation two major categories, strive to be the forefront of the national pump industry, for small efforts, efforts for everyone, to make contributions to the country. Vortex Booster Water Pump OEM/ODM orders are also welcomed. We have great advantage in R&D from research, design to testing and development. And we are willing to help our clients to improve their brand image, enhance their brand value, shorten their develop time and reduce their products cost.

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Vortex Booster Pump Industry Knowledge Extension

A vortex booster pump has several advantages over other types of pumps:
1. Non-clogging: Vortex booster pumps are less likely to become clogged because they have no close-clearance parts or small passages that can become obstructed.
2. Minimal wear and tear: Because vortex booster pumps have only one moving part, the impeller, they experience less wear and tear than other types of pumps with multiple moving parts.
3. Handling of solids and abrasives: Vortex booster pumps are ideal for handling liquids that contain solids or abrasives, such as sewage and wastewater. The vortex created by the impeller helps to prevent the solids from coming into contact with the impeller, reducing wear and tear.
4. Low noise levels: Vortex booster pumps are typically quieter than other types of pumps, making them suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments.
5. Energy efficient: Vortex booster pumps are more energy-efficient than other types of pumps due to their simple design and the fact that they do not require tight clearances or close tolerances.
6. Low maintenance: Vortex booster pumps require minimal maintenance due to their simple design and lack of close-clearance parts. This can lead to cost savings over the lifetime of the pump.
Overall, the advantages of vortex booster pumps make them a good choice for a wide range of applications, including those where the handling of solids and abrasives is necessary, and where quiet operation and energy efficiency are important.
What is a vortex water pump?
A vortex water pump is a type of centrifugal pump that uses a special impeller to create a vortex or whirlpool in the fluid being pumped. This vortex action separates the fluid from any solid particles or debris that may be present and allows the pump to handle fluids with high levels of suspended solids without becoming clogged or damaged.
In a vortex water pump, the impeller is designed to spin the fluid around a stationary chamber or volute, which creates the vortex effect. As the fluid is pulled into the impeller, it is spun rapidly and forms a whirlpool that separates any solid particles from the liquid. The liquid is then expelled through the discharge port, while the solid particles are left behind in the vortex and eventually settle at the bottom of the chamber.
Vortex water pumps are commonly used in wastewater treatment plants, industrial settings, and other applications where liquids with high levels of suspended solids need to be moved or processed. They are known for their ability to handle solids without becoming clogged, and for their energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements.
Application range of QB60 water pump
The QB60 water pump is a type of centrifugal pump that is typically used for domestic or industrial applications where water needs to be transferred from one location to another. Here are some common applications of the QB60 water pump:
1. Domestic water supply: The QB60 pump is commonly used for domestic water supply applications, such as supplying water to homes, gardens, and small farms.
2. Water circulation: The pump can be used for water circulation in swimming pools, aquariums, and other similar applications.
3. Irrigation: The QB60 pump can be used for agricultural irrigation applications, such as watering crops and fields.
4. Industrial applications: The pump can be used in various industrial applications where water needs to be transferred, such as in cooling systems, boiler feed applications, and other water transfer applications.
5. Fountain and waterfall features: The QB60 pump can be used to power the fountain and waterfall features in outdoor and indoor settings.
It is important to note that the QB60 pump is designed for pumping clean water or non-corrosive liquids. It is not suitable for pumping liquids that contain solid particles, abrasive materials, or chemicals.