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Zhejiang Zheli New Material Co., Ltd was established on March 9, 2016, authorized by the State TrademarkOffice as "CN-ZHELI". The official date of the brand is June 28, 2016. The company is China DC & Solar Pump manufacturers and wholesale DC & Solar Pump factory. Development direction: develop a whole series of "zhe-li"image products, develop and form "zhe-li"brand, strive to do a good job in household pumps and industrial irrigation two major categories, strive to be the forefront of the national pump industry, for small efforts, efforts for everyone, to make contributions to the country. DC & Solar Pump OEM/ODM orders are also welcomed. We have great advantage in R&D from research, design to testing and development. And we are willing to help our clients to improve their brand image, enhance their brand value, shorten their develop time and reduce their products cost.

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DC & Solar Pump Industry Knowledge Extension

What is a DC & solar pump?
A DC & solar pump is a type of water pump that operates using direct current (DC) electricity supplied by a solar panel or an array of solar panels. This type of pump is designed to be energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, making it a popular choice for rural and remote areas where access to electricity is limited or unreliable.
DC & solar pumps are typically used to pump water from underground or surface sources, such as wells, lakes, rivers, or ponds, for various purposes, including irrigation, livestock watering, domestic use, and water supply for small communities. The pump consists of a motor, impeller, and inlet and outlet ports, and is powered by a solar panel or a battery that stores energy from the solar panel.
The advantages of using a DC & solar pump include lower operating costs, no fuel consumption or emissions, and minimal maintenance requirements. However, the efficiency and performance of the pump depending on various factors, such as the solar panel size and orientation, the water source and depth, and the flow rate and pressure requirements. Therefore, it is important to select a suitable DC & solar pump based on the specific application and local conditions.
How do DC & solar pumps work?
DC & solar pumps are powered by electricity generated from solar panels. The solar panels convert the energy from the sun into electrical energy, which is used to power the pump. DC & solar pumps work in a similar way to traditional AC (alternating current) pumps, but they use DC (direct current) electricity instead.
DC & solar pumps are made up of three main components: the solar panels, the pump controller, and the pump itself. The solar panels generate the electricity, which is sent to the pump controller. The controller regulates the amount of electricity sent to the pump, based on the amount of sunlight available and the power requirements of the pump.
The pump itself is typically a centrifugal pump, which uses an impeller to create a flow of water. The impeller is powered by a DC electric motor, which is in turn powered by the electricity generated by the solar panels. The pump can be used to draw water from a well or other source and then push it to the surface or to a storage tank.
DC & solar pumps are ideal for use in remote locations where grid power is not available or where using grid power would be too expensive. They are also more efficient than traditional AC pumps, as they eliminate the need for an inverter to convert DC power to AC power. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, as they do not produce any emissions and rely solely on renewable energy from the sun.
Can I connect the DC & solar pump directly to the solar panel? 
No, you should not connect a DC & solar pump directly to the solar panel without an appropriate controller. The solar panel generates direct current (DC) electricity, which can vary in voltage and current output depending on the amount of sunlight falling on the panel. The DC pump, on the other hand, requires a constant and stable voltage and current to operate optimally.
A pump controller is an essential component that regulates the electrical energy output of the solar panels and supplies the appropriate amount of power to the DC pump. The pump controller ensures that the pump receives the correct voltage and current and protects it from damage due to fluctuations in the electrical supply.
The pump controller also performs other important functions, such as starting and stopping the pump based on the water level in a storage tank, preventing the pump from running dry, and protecting it from overload, overvoltage, and other electrical faults.
In summary, connecting a DC & solar pump directly to a solar panel without a pump controller is not recommended as it can damage the pump, and it may not operate efficiently. Always use a suitable pump controller to regulate the power supply to the DC pump and ensure its proper functioning.