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Suitable for use with clean water that does not contain abrasive particles. As a result of their reliability and the fact that they are easy to use and suitable for use in applications such as domestic, irrigation, and emptying tanks.

QDX Submersible Pump Manufacturers

Zhejiang Zheli New Material Co., Ltd was established on March 9, 2016, authorized by the State TrademarkOffice as "CN-ZHELI". The official date of the brand is June 28, 2016. The company is China QDX Submersible Pump manufacturers and wholesale QDX Submersible Pump factory. Development direction: develop a whole series of "zhe-li"image products, develop and form "zhe-li"brand, strive to do a good job in household pumps and industrial irrigation two major categories, strive to be the forefront of the national pump industry, for small efforts, efforts for everyone, to make contributions to the country. QDX Submersible Pump OEM/ODM orders are also welcomed. We have great advantage in R&D from research, design to testing and development. And we are willing to help our clients to improve their brand image, enhance their brand value, shorten their develop time and reduce their products cost.