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The Structural Device Of The Agricultural Centrifugal Pump

The main components of the Agricultural Centrifugal Pump are the impeller, pump casing, and shaft seal device.
1. The impeller is the core part of the centrifugal pump. Its speed is higher than that of the centrifugal pump, and its force is large. The blades on the impeller play a major role. The impeller must pass the static balance test before assembly. The inner and outer surfaces of the impeller are required to be smooth to reduce the frictional loss of water flow.
2. The function of the pump casing is to seal the impeller in a certain space so that the liquid can be sucked in and pressed out by the action of the impeller. The pump casing is mostly made into a volute, so it is also called a volute. As the cross-sectional area of the flow channel gradually expands, the high-speed liquid thrown from around the impeller gradually reduces the flow velocity, so that part of the kinetic energy can be effectively converted into static pressure energy. The pump casing not only collects the liquid thrown out by the impeller but also serves as an Energy conversion device.
3. Bearing, which is a component that is sleeved on the pump shaft to support the pump shaft. There are mainly two types of rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Among them, the rolling bearing uses tallow as a lubricant, and it must be properly refueled, otherwise too much will generate heat, and too little will cause noise and heat. The sliding bearings use transparent oil as a lubricant, so pay attention when adding oil, because if there is too much oil, it will slide along the pump shaft. Seep and splash, and if it is too little, the bearing may overheat and burn out and cause an accident.