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Key Features Of The Vortex Water Pump

Vortex Water Pump is a commonly used chemical pump. The main working parts are the impeller and runner. When the motor drives the impeller to rotate, because the centrifugal force of the liquid moving in the impeller is greater than the centrifugal force of the liquid moving in the flow channel, a ring rotation movement is generated between the two in a direction perpendicular to the axial surface and leading to the longitudinal direction of the flow channel. At this time, the liquid flow rate slows down, when the flow into the impeller again

With secondary energy obtained, the liquid can enter and flow out of the impeller many times during the whole process of suction and discharge. When flowing from the impeller to the flow channel, it is mixed with the moving liquid in the flow channel for kinetic energy exchange, and a part of the kinetic energy is converted into static pressure energy. The liquid is again subjected to centrifugal force, which is converted into static pressure and increases again, and the liquid is transported into the pipeline.

The vortex pump mainly transfers energy by the action of the longitudinal vortex. When the flow rate decreases, the movement speed of the liquid in the pump channel decreases, the effect of the longitudinal vortex increases, and the number of times the liquid flows through the impeller increases, which increases the head of the pump; when the flow rate increases When the situation is opposite, so the characteristic curve is steeply descending.

The vortex pump is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, and has a long service life. Its main features are as follows.

(1) Under the same impeller diameter and speed, the head is 2-4 times higher than that of the centrifugal pump. The specific rotation number is in the range of 10-40, so it is more suitable to choose this pump.

(2) The head and power curves drop steeply. When starting the pump, the outlet valve must be opened. When the pressure of the pipeline system fluctuates, the flow of the pump is less affected.

(3) The vortex pump has self-priming characteristics and can transport gas, liquid mixture, and volatile liquid.

(4) The efficiency of the vortex pump is low.